The Ecphorizer

Avoiding AIDS
Andy Fish

Issue #59 (October 1986)

We first heard of AIDS as a disease of homosexuals and Haitians. Then we learned that heroin addicts and hemophiliacs were also at risk. Next Rock Hudson died. Now AIDS is spreading to heterosexuals. The lesson for the prudent is obvious. If you are a haberdasher or historian, make a career change. If you are studying at Harvard, transfer. If you are high-strung, try to relax; if you are hateful, be nice. If your name is Hake or Herring, change it. If you live in Hayward, move. 

ANDY FISH and is the name we apply to pieces whose authorship is confidential, unknown, or irrelevant.

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A. Fish

Andy Fish, our staff mascot, and others in his school is the name used when authors (usually one G. Towner) wish to cloak their identity as the writer of certain inappropriate fish stories. All of Andy's aliases are listed under Andy's name. Otherwise we'd run out of room in the Contributors list!