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Letters - Issue 05

Issue #05 (January 1982)


After reading A. Fish's article "Sexual Decay in H. Sapiens," one can wonder if sex (etc.) can be scientifically and mathematically quantified! However if so, must there not be two formulations -- one for the male, and one for the female of the species??? And, isn't it a miracle that the male and female interest (lust, etc.) coincide?

C. Browne


Dear Sir:

In the U.S., hapless school children are required to memorize the names of the Presidents. In England, it's monarchs. Since the list is considerably longer, some kind soul long ago invented a rhyme to help. It begins:

Willy, Willy, Harry, Steve,
Harry, Dick, John, Harry Three,
One, two, three Neds, Dick the Bad,...

Here my memory fails, and since somebody recently gave me a short history of the Kings and queens of England, it's giving me a royal fit.

Is there a reader of this erudite publication who was exposed to this doggerel and whose memory is longer than mine? Help!

Richard Holmes 

A Google search turned up the following at this site about the British monarchy (you need to scroll down nearly to the bottom): Willy, Willy, Harry, Steve, Harry, Dick, John, Harry Three; One, two, three Neds, Richard Two, Harries Four Five Six, then who? Edwards Four Five, Dick the Bad, Harries (twain) Ned Six (the lad); Mary, Bessie, James ye ken, Then Charlie, Charlie, James again, Will and Mary, Anna Gloria Georges four, Will Fourth, Victoria Edward Seven next, and then Came George the Fifth in nineteen ten Ned the Eighth soon abdicated Then George the Sixth was coronated After which Elizabeth.

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But January Has the Cruelest WEEK
Jerry McCann

Issue #05 (January 1982)

January always finds us
Reeling from Yuletide excess;
Pricking conscience now reminds us
To regroup and re-assess.
We must make some restitution,
Changing habits, ways we think;
Make some solemn resolution
Not to nosh or smoke or drink.
O the Horrors of Temptation,
Dies Irae, Days of Woe
O Bleak Week of Tribulation,
Then back home to Status Quo. 

He listed his occupation on our Contributor's Form as "riter." Who are you trying to fool, Jerry? We looked up your entry in Who's Who, and there they spell it wright.

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