The Ecphorizer

Why We Don't Print Personal Ads

Issue #31 (March 1984)

The following personal ad, intended for the Mensa national Bulletin was misrouted to THE ECPHORIZER. THE ECPHORIZER does not accept or publish personal ads. The following demonstrates why we adhere to that policy.

Male Mensa 73 (Taursis) wantsa meet FM WMPIFIM not ovary 26 (saccharins) - Mortsu object make fambly - l2(duzn) kits - helthy - Like for lotza mony, You got bucks? We livv happy ever after I got lots luv switty pi bebby - Hom body - Dishes, mop-sop-tub-laundry kep strong good figgr. Running crick outdoor plumbing - like horsis? Rich - got 2 carrich, no Car - sick from smell gaslin - hate it - Like work lots mussls - you like Missls too? You get em you betcha! Right me collect call cum ryte over get started fambly now intrvu latr 734-16927 (415) Po Box U charg it visa - master work his voice. M Bulletin got it yurite - I get! Good bye - white coatzat door - go now - bak Way out, you Betcha dam fast!! P.S. wat you sign?

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