The Ecphorizer

Just a Thought
Gary J. Bandur

Issue #21 (May 1983)

As I sat in the dark groove I sensed the beauty of what I was about to experience. It happened suddenly, oh so fast. First it sounded as a skater upon ice; it built to a loud roar, faded as a whoosh, then the high-pitched sound of metal across ice, and a mighty rumble as it passed just to my left, hidden by the towering groove wall. It seemed to almost disappear from my ear. Almost!

It started again, like a steam engine, and I knew it was coming toward me. I felt the wiggle in the groove floor as the preceding shock waves passed me, and I heard the scraping as those two precious points of contact rumbled through that snaking corridor. Suddenly it appeared before me, massively riding the wave of the glistening black walls, and flew just above my head. I followed it out of sight by bending my head back, and it was gene. The tremendous sound it made spiraled out into the void of silence.

As I sat in the bright room I sensed the beauty of what I was about to create. I imagined this skater, and inserted the shiny chrome plug into the circuitry, fashioning the path to guide the current of sound. As the stream of oscillations rolled onto the tape, I had already thought of the rumble, fade and scraping for the final pass.

Many patch hours, retakes and root beers later (I like root beer), with the final mix in the works, I'll soon be ready to play the tape, and sense the beauty of what I am about to experience, as I sit in the dark groove. Just a thought. 

Gary Bandur lives in Carlsbad, CA, where he works as a programmer, and is deeply into the creation of electronic music.

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