The Ecphorizer

Ho Hum
Marilyn Ducati

Issue #19 (March 1983)

I'm sick of rejections
  don't want any more;
I'm sick of rejections
  it's one yawning bore.

Rejections from publishers,
  lovers and friends;
from bosses, from bigots,
  pink slips without end.

My box runneth over...
  it's piled like manure:
with much more rejection
  than I can endure.

It's no, never, not now
  and sometimes a maybe.
I've heard rejections
  since only a baby.

Don't bawl, don't jump,
  don't hop, don't walk;
Don't shout, don't yodel,
  spit or talk.

Don't get dirty
  don't eat too fast;
Don't get married
  it won't last.

Sorry, better luck
  next time my friend;
If the Ecphorizer rejects me
  This is the end. 

A "refugee from New York," poet Marilyn Ducati has degrees in psychology and gerontology.

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