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Woman Walks into Parked 18-Wheeler
JJ Tiger

Issue 08 (October 2006)

Are you sure she wasn't talking on a hidden Cell Phone?

This "Worst Driver Award" is Special. It goes to a Pedestrian.

It was a warm sunny afternoon. I had just finished backing the long FreightLiner and 53 foot trailer to the Shipping and Receiving dock at a Sears retail store at a large Mall.

The very tight quarters resulted

Broad Daylight and she couldn't see a parked truck.

in the whole FreightLiner tractor to stick out into the open, away from a concealment wall that sorta hides the trailers from public view. If you ever picked up your merchandise from a Sears pickup window, you know what I mean.

As I was sitting at the wheel of the turned-off truck, and making my LogBook entries, I noticed a middle aged white-female exit through the Mall's door. She wasn't carrying anything, not even a purse. That's odd. Suburbanite Susan leaving a Mall empty handed.

She was making a bee-line towards me. There is something wrong with her. She is a life sized Bobble-head.

Whap !!! She walked into my truck's right fender, just behind the headlight !!! She bounced off, and shook her head. She walked around the nose of the truck, and disappeared into a parking lot.

There was no Service Dog for the Blind, nor did she have a white cane with a red tip from the Lyons Society. She was wearing her glasses.

Broad Daylight and she couldn't see a parked truck.

About 20 minutes later she was walking towards the truck from the opposite side, again making a bee-line for the truck.

When she got about four steps away from the truck, I let her have a long blast of the air horn, and through the open window I yelled: "Look Out !!! There is a big white truck parked over here !!!"

She did not walk into the left fender. She altered her course and walked around the truck's nose, her head bobbling as before.

... The air horn may have awakened her, for a moment. 

Road Warrior JJ Tiger frequently drove several models of USAF school busses. The Mechanic's Instructor had to take the class from the schoolhouse, and out to the airplane, and back.  In order to drive the Really Big School Bus, he stamped his own Government Driver's License.

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