The Ecphorizer

Our Changing Language
Robin Winburn

Issue #11 (July 1982)

New uses for computerese

While hunting through the V's in an IBM glossary (for an unlisted item), I came across Virgin Medium. A telepathic Vestal? No, media on which no records have yet been made. But a game was born...

Ambiguous Reference:  Gossip.

Alteration Switch: Radical change of quarry in the singles' bar.

Abnormal Termination: This covers many subjects. Are we reading a family magazine?

Absolute Command: The cat is hungry.

Access Level: Dating; supersedes system of 1st base, 2nd See also Basic Access Method.

Basic Access Method: Any access method in which each input/output statement causes a corresponding input/output operation to occur.

Explicit Route: Ian Faber Memorial Rally; The path control network components, including a specific set of one or more transmission groups, that connect two subarea nodes. n explicit route is identified by an original subarea address, a destination subarea address, an explicit route number, and a reverse explicit route number. See also Virtual Route.

Incremental Execution: The Falklands situation.

Virtual Memory:  Sign of age.

Virtual Partition: Bundling; Wall of Jericho.

Virtual Route: Ian Faber Memorial Rally; Error condition.

Virtual Space: Heaven. (And what is the collective noun for angels?) 

In 1977 Robin Winburn compiled the popular book Intelligensia, a compendium of articles from back issues of the SF Mensa Intelligencer.

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