The Ecphorizer

Eclectic Pieces
Loy Banks

Issue #69 (August 1987)

So let us melt and raise no curd, make no
marginal notes, append no afterword
arrange no future assignation
for platonic stimulation
no re-examination or
text manipulation

See, there, those dull onomatopoeic lovers
who've never read between the covers
whose place is back seat, bunk or barrel
What would they do inside a carrel with
canon, gloss, with exegesis
with epigraph and eclectic pieces?

Poet LOY BANKS, an English professor, writes us that he lives in a house he built, along with two dogs. He adds, "I hike, bird, and play tennis when the weather is right." That's alright, Loy; we won't tell your students that you used "bird" as a verb.

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