The Ecphorizer

The Wide Tyre, Tattoo'd Maniac
G. Davies-Smith

Issue #56 (April 1986)

I think that we all know him —
Wide tyred, tattoo'd maniac;
Dangerous driver outlook,
And hair that's greasy black.

He wears some studded leather,
Designed by Vincent Grubber.
He thinks that we admire him,
His burning, squealing rubber.

In fact we think him childish
His brain is meshed with clack.
I think that we all know him —
The wide tyre, tattoo'd maniac.

©1986 G. Davies-Smith

Poet GRAHAM DAVIES-SMITH, who lives in Oatley, Australia, ran across a migrating copy of THE ECPHORIZER and promptly wrote to us. He is the Mensa secretary for New South Wales.

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