The Ecphorizer

Editor's Notes - Issue 45
George Towner

Issue #45 (May 1985)

In The Ecphorizer's first issue (now a collector's item), we said we intended it to be "rich with intelligent commentary, whether respectable or outrageous, and with ideas, humor, and literary craft." This formula, vague as it was, has worked well for us. Because Mensa members cover the whole spectrum of interests, contributions to The Ecphorizer tend to represent all types of writing. As a result, we often receive letters of the form "I enjoyed most of your last issue, but couldn't stand xxxxx. Why do you print such trash?" The point is that xxxxx can stand for virtually every piece we run. Thus we feel an issue is worthy if every subscriber is happy with at least one item.

In a later article we also said that we would would rather receive a good idea badly written than a well-written piece of fluff. This is still our general orientation. If we had to define The Ecphorizer, we would call it "a magazine of ideas." So send us your thoughts, even if you don't see yourself as a "writer." Others may want to hear what you have to say.

A word on publishing mechanics. Text for The Ecphorizer is produced on a Diablo printer driven by an Apple III computer. A number of other computers hover in the background. Thus we we are able to handle, and dearly love, contributions that come to us in machine-readable form that doesn't have to be retyped. This includes floppy disks for Apple, IBM, or Commodore computers, and all transmissions to our modem. About a third of the pieces we publish now come directly to our computer. We'd like to see more. 

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