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Letters Issue 68

Issue #68 (July 1987)

Dear Editor:

I'm unclear as to Mr Donovan's purpose in his June article, "The Truth About World War III." Is he serious? Claim after claim of his is unsupported by any argument or evidence: "Peace has lasted this long because of nuclear deterrence"; "US and USSR... prefer victory over lasting accommodation"; "WW III will not wreck civilization" [unclear what he means by 'civilization'!; "victory or defeat will depend upon conventional might"; "Russia will be hamstrung by... Eastern Europe and by a China front"; "To insure permanent peace, a bonafide World Government will be established"; "it will require the utmost of authoritarian centralization."

God knows, there is no shortage of unthinking disaster scenarios these days. Perhaps Mr Donovan could supply good reasons for what he envisions, but in their absence I find no reason to think his article thought-provoking, enlightening, or constructive.

Fred Groh
Los Angeles, CA

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Dear Editor (Re: WW III and Tim Donovan):

USA/USSR conflict is doubtful. There are no common boundaries, no coveted territory, not even conflict about social or political systems. The friction is about spheres of influence and market area. Admittedly, this friction can get physical. The Iron Curtain divides the European arena; NATO and the Warsaw Pact keep the curtain in place and in good repair.

USA-USSR will be allies in WW III versus the 45-nation Islamic Conference, unless we can keep the Conference fighting among themselves. I hope we can.

WW III will result in a Western victory, maybe. A lot will depend on the Orientals. Also, successful wars are possible only when the will of the people is mobilized, and this requires a compelling national incident. This was lacking in Viet Nam, and Carter's amnesty program for draft evaders just about guaranteed a weak US will.

WW iIII will not result in a World Government, but many local governments, dictatorial in philosophy, fighting to survive, a la Africa.

Roy Shaw
Ashland, OR

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Dear Editor:

My name is Leonard Paradiso. I'm currently serving a life sentence in the Massachusetts State Prison for a crime I did not commit. At this time I wish to thank some of the readers of Times 17 by Gareth Penn for their support on my behalf, and for giving me the strength and confidence I need to go on.

It's bad enough to be in prison; it's a lot worse when you're innocent. I have, and will, maintain my innocence all along. A number of people have come to my aid, by giving their time, suggestions, and advice on legal and technical matters in hope of helping on my appeal.

Anyone who's read Times 17 can see for themselves that the system doesn't always work. If anyone wishes to help me in my defense in any way, no matter how small and insignificant it may seem, I will appreciate it. I am open to any suggestions they may have in regards to the Zodiac murders and any information they may have that could shed light on this.

I will try to respond to all parties concerned. At this time I wish to thank everyone for their time and consideration.

Leonard Paradiso
Norfolk, MA

[Postscript February 2010:  A quick Google search on Leonard Paradiso turned up the fact that he died behind bars in February, 2008. 

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