The Ecphorizer

More Monarchial Doggerel
Dick Ahrens

Issue #13 (September 1982)

George and John and Thomas J.
James and James and John Q. A.
Andrew, Martin V. and Bill,
John and James, Zack and Mill,
Frank and James, then Abe and Andy,
Then Ulysses Grant was handy.
Rutherford and James came then,
Chester, Grover, Benjamin,
Grover, Bill, and Ted and Will,
Woodrow, Warren and Silent Cal,
Herb and Franklin, H.S.T.
Ike and John F. Kennedy,
Lyndon, Richard, Gerry F.
James and Ronnie's all that's left.

[adding in 2006:

[Then Bush one, Clintons both
[And now Bush two, and that's all she wrote.]  

Dick has just returned from a sybaritic vacation in a little village in western Provence, filled with tales of wine, garlic, and village life.

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