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How Do You Pronounce 'WWW'?
Tod Wicks
We all know how to type it but how do you pronounce it?  As far as I know it's the only acronym that uses more syllables than the words it's trying to describe:

double-you double-you double-you = six (count 'em, 6) tongue-twisting syllables versus the three words:  world wide web.

I've come to simply use a shorthand method:  dub-dub-dub.  Quick and easy, most people understand what you're saying in context.

Let me know what you think.


August, 2000 

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Tod Wicks
Globetrotting engineer TOD WICKS recently blew in from Tibet, wearing a fur hat and complaining that they don't brew yak-butter tea like they used to. He may or may not be off to Australia shortly, depending on whether or not they need more telephones. [He was off to Australia when his boss said:  "Go to Australia for a couple of weeks to help out.  We'll get another engineer to replace you after three weeks tops.  Three months later he returned.  Famous last words from El Jefe.]

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