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Carl C. Partlow
Gareth Penn
"Catbird Seat"
11.0010010000 11111101101
An Open Letter to Andy Rooney
Arthur, Shmarthur
Breach of Promise
Bumpersticker Bridge Goes Bananas
But Me No BTUs
Cevat Emptor
Companion to The Hare
Creative Reading
Cruising the Baja Triangle
Dear Abby, Please Copy
Dialogue Deferred
Gone With The 25¢ Potroast
Hide and Seek
How Do They Spell Relief In Austerlitz?
If You're So Smart, Why Aren't You In North Dakota?
Incline Village Unit 6
Lima Riki
Mike West
More I-????-Its
More Magic at Goose Pond (correction)
My Rosetta Stone
O Tempi O Mores
One Zero Zero
Paint It Yellow
Pirates and Politics
Prodigies of Evil
Prolegomena to a Pet-Guide
Pythagoras Was Right!
Seagull Song
Seven Pillars of Stupidity
Sorry, Charley ...Charley?
Sympathetic Magic at Goose Pond
Te Moriarty Salutamus
The Big Rura Ru
The Call of the Wild
The Crust and the Croissant
The Free Misquoteers
The Geometry of Jane Brewster
The Hazards of Duke
The High Fie
The Invisible Fluid
The Ivytown Railroad
The Last Con
The Mouths of Babes
The Nosoboom
The Once and Future Killing
The Pond of Kabbalah
The Price of Valor
The Red King's Dream
The Savage Breast
The Tobacco Connection
The Uses of Troy
What Do They Know?
Gareth Penn
What, Me Claudius?
Where Were You?
Jonathan Penner
The Words and the Bees
Allen J. Pettit
"...The First Stone"
He and She
Impressin' the Girls
Laredo Lady
Night Searchers
The First Kill
The Library
The Putaways
The Twelve-Shooter
Archimedes Pisces
A Sense of Loss
And I Always Thought He Said...
And They Said It Couldn't Be Done 2
Buy American
The Green Machine
Dave Pressman
A Uniform Date Standard
Let's Quash QWERTY
Joan Price
Confessions of an Addict
Dael Prichard
I Cogitate About Existence, Splendidly
Mysteries About Atoms
Frederick A. Raborg, Jr.
A Captive of the Tank
I Feel the Dark
Harry Raech
Whither American Ethics
Joseph Raffa
Joseph Rankin
A Proposal to End the Threat of Nuclear Armageddon
E. E. Rehmus
An Aėroplane for Icarus (An Achronism) I
An Aėroplane for Icarus (An Achronism) II
An Aeroplane for Icarus (An Achronism) III
An Aėroplane for Icarus (An Achronism) IV
An Aėroplane for Icarus (An Achronism) IX
An Aėroplane for Icarus (An Achronism) VI
An Aėroplane for Icarus (An Achronism) VII
An Aėroplane for Icarus (An Achronism) VIII
An Aėroplane for Icarus V
Deeper Into Hemp
Porphyry & Pomegranates
Ed Rehmus
Harry J. Anslinger
Prognosis Negative
Sermon No. P=P+1 (IF P=502 THEN 86)
Seven Heavens
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The Contributors

The great thing about hyperlinked text is that I don't need to identify any of these articles by page numbers, forcing my readers to thumb through these pages. I simply highlight the item's title and link it directly to the article. Bits of biographical information are now placed in sidebars next to nearly every article. To glean more nuggets about an author, check out their other contributions.

You can also learn more about any author whose name is colored brown by clicking their name on the Contributor pages, which will open a "pop-up" window with that person's biography and photo (if submitted).