The Ecphorizer

The Nosoboom
Gareth Penn

Issue #58 (September 1986)

Upon its many noses
With its child, into the room,
Like hurdler Edwin Moses,
There leaps the Nosoboom.

Look all you like in EB
And Webster and you'll find
(Or even William Beebe)
It's a figment of my mind.

Upon its many noses
(I just now said with whom),
Like hurdler Edwin Moses,
In leaps the Nosoboom.

GARETH PENN gained instant notoriety at the recent Mensa Asilomar Gathering as the originator of a hellishly contrived puzzle involving a jigsaw puzzle, a Latin anagram, etc. It took 500 Mensans more than 30 hours to solve it.

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Gareth Penn

Gareth Penn is probably best known as the greatest amateur Zodiac sleuth after his many articles in The Ecphorizer that lead to the identity of Zodiac. However, Penn is much more than that as he has a keen inquisitive mind that finds an interesting story in just about anything from a memorial to a little-known soldier in a park in Vallejo, CA, to his notes about animals, to plumbing the depths of the limerick. Penn's prolific pen is evident in that he has made a contribution to every issue of The Ecphorizer up through Issue #33 (and counting!).