The Ecphorizer

Philosophy Final
Donald Altschul

Issue #55 (March 1986)

DENY SUBSTANCE: What we call matter, moving at the speed of light squared, manifests nothing but energy.

Energy can never be created, so what we call matter must be energy.

DENY FORM: All is energy, and energy is non-particulate, for without substance there can be no particles.

DENY CAUSALITY: 1. All is energy. 2. Energy can be neither created nor destroyed.

3. Nothing changes. 4. Causality has no field, and cannot function.

DENY EXISTENCE OF DEITY: 1. All is energy, which cannot be created nor destroyed. 2. There was

no Creation. 3. There was no Creator. 4. There is no change. 5. There is no Prime Mover.

DENY YOUR LOVE: __________________________________________________________


(Does this mean that I flunk?)

© 1985 Donald S. Altschul

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Donald Altschul

Poet DONALD ALTSCHUL hides out during the day as a San Francisco attorney, where he lives with his wife, son, and a poodle, Binky. He is a transplanted New Yorker who also plays classical guitar.