The Ecphorizer

An Observation on Discussion of Love
Burt Schmitz

Issue #55 (March 1986)

Isn't it interesting that, in any general social gathering, a discussion or mention of love in any form from sacred to profane, the most lofty spiritual to the most carnal, is almost totally taboo. Yet in the Oxford Dictionary of Quotations "love" merits the greatest index space at more than 3 pages, covering some 10 columns of over 85 entries each (not including the entries for 'loved" and "lovers"); while God, surprisingly, struggles in second place with 8 columns, and "man" and "death" are down low at 4 1/2 columns each. By contrast, "wealth" and "money" combined are in the pits at about one column total. Yet tell me of the social occasion when you have not heard much ado and to-do about acquisition of the latter commodity. 

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Burt Schmitz

Burt Schmitz has drawn a number of covers for The Ecphorizer as well as providing interior art. He recently worked on a large illustrated tourist map for a Silicon Valley promotion firm.