The Ecphorizer

Phyllis Bourne

Issue #37 (September 1984)

Graceful silhouette
Crosses my path
A lingering touch
Stays in my mind.

Flashes of color
Blue, green and rose,
Images flow
Like chromatic sparkles.

Rhapsody of movement
Harmonious enchantment
Motion and light
Inundate my senses.

A mastery of cadence
Intertwined with light,
Hues, shades and gestures
In integrated accord.

A color, a motion,
A rhythmical wave,
Surrounded by sound
Aromas and warmth.

Shades of nostalgia
Of memories past
Tint my perception
Of the graceful silhouette.

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Contributor Profile

Phyllis Bourne

Phyllis is a charming story-teller, is known for her fiery Latin American cooking, and is past Program Chair for SFRM.