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Letters - Issue 24

Issue #24 (August 1983)

Dear Editor:

Re "Whither American Ethics" by Harry Raech (July issue). Even Mensans are having problems understanding the concept of freedom! But I can see why; very few can avoid being brainwashed, while growing up, in the mores, right or wrong, of their society.

Perr Cardestam
San Jose, CA

[line width="40%"]Dear Editor:

Thanks for running my IRA article in issue #23 for July 1983.

Although it is not very important, perhaps, I did think I should point out that one of us had a typographical error. On page 18, where I mention penalties, the printing shows "6% or 10% or 15%" -- the 15% should be 50% (fifty).

No big deal, I just thought I should point it out.

John DeRose
New York, NY

[Tod replies in 2006:  The error is still there in our uploaded version; to correct it would recursively render John's letter nonsense.] 

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Sorry, Wrong Genus

Issue #24 (August 1983)

A story is told about Cuvier, the great naturalist, that on one of his daily walks he encountered the Devil. Old Nick demanded that Cuvier worship him, and when his demand was stoutly refused exclaimed, "Then I shall eat you!" Cuvier looked the Devil carefully up and down before declaring, contemptuously, "Horns and cloven feet: graminivorous. You eat me? Nonsense!" 

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Bureaucratic Topology

Issue #24 (August 1983)

During the last war, a British professional man wrote to the Ration Board for petrol coupons so he could drive to and from his office. Back came a form letter advising him to take the bus instead. He replied that the earliest bus passed his house at 9 am, too late for him to get in a day's work. After considerable delay he received a half ration of coupons, with a note advising him to drive to his office each morning and take the bus home in the evening. 

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