The Ecphorizer

Frederick A. Raborg, Jr.

Issue #22 (June 1983)

words sweep across the page in
lines &
some fall off &
footnotes dull the thud
some meditate on hyphens
like holistic intuitions
some fit white space into ideas
as if the point ought to be montage
some challenge margins
like a fracture in the text
some pile like blocks
to notate sources
some give likeable performance
& some give dialogue to fools
some determine couth & culture
some most rhyme & some defy
some most only stupefy
some disguise a metaphor
& some form a simile
occasionally there's one becomes the new
some give reference to sexes
horizontal lines &

Contributor Profile

Frederick A. Raborg, Jr.

Frederick Raborg, Jr. studied at and graduated from universities in California and he served as battalion sergeant major with the 8th Field Artillery Battalion in Korea and Hawaii. Though he was a teacher by formal education, he devoted his life to acting and writing. He usually had starring roles in all school plays, and he sang with the Joe Brown Radio Kiddie Gang on WRVA in Richmond throughout the Forties. He wrote his first journalism at age 12 for his weekly column, The Bowers Hill News, in The Portsmouth Star. In 1983, he and his wife started several literary magazines, including AMELIA, which has been recognized as one of the top literary publications in the nation and always has been listed as one of the best fiction markets. [The preceding is an edited version of his self-written obituary, which can be found at -Tod]