The Ecphorizer

Approaching Absolute Randomness
Sharon Dario

Issue #19 (March 1983)

The ant lives in but for the colony and the colony lives
while the statue of liberty in masks of ecology watches
mutilated pelicans snap with half a beak at a handful of crumbs
and wild wolves howl lonely in the wild;
children are born in darkness tears and candlelight
to mothers beyond electricity bills
even as cooling uranium rods are pulled up on the edge of fusion
and IT&T grows hydroponically under thousands of light years
and remnants of supernovas compact to white cinders
even as this crumpled clump of cortex
(monitor; memorizer of motions)
stretches to the moon and back
and everything is so perfect, so ordered
that there is no order. 

Contributor Profile

Sharon Dario

Sharon Dario was a student at Oxford's Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, graduated from the University of California, Davis, where she studied English. In between writing poetry she has worked at various staff positions in the Rhetoric and Philosophy Departments at Davis, and will retire in 2007.Among her avocations she lists nature photography and bicycling.