The Ecphorizer

And I Always Thought He Said...
Archimedes Pisces

Issue #16 (December 1982)

The dying man watched with shock-dimmed eyes as the strange figure left the group and approached him. Short, with a neck that seemed too frail to support the wrinkled, oddly shaped head, it shuffled towards him purposefully. As it neared him he saw compassion and the beginning of tears in the slightly bulbous eyes so he was all the more surprised when the creature raised a thin arm with the hand and long bony fingers grasping a knife. It struck him, then turned and moved away. Pain contorted his features and blinded him momentarily. His vision cleared briefly and he looked up at the man standing nearby. With his last breath he asked, "E. T. too, Brute?

Thus died Caesar. 

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Archimedes Pisces