The Ecphorizer

A Year
Jim Katic

Issue #16 (December 1982)

Winter is a lonely time,
With its ice, frost, and snow.
But in it is the Christmas chime,
To keep our hearts from woe.

Spring is the fresh age,
Full of love and life.
Now's the time to ask the sage,
Where to find a wife.

Summer brings the sun so warm,
And water fresh to swim in.
You'll never find a rainy storm,
Or a dark place where one has been.

Fall is a pleasant season,
With its leaves - orange, brown, and red.
There is only one bad reason,
It leaves trees almost dead.

And now it is winter again,
But the end is drawing near.
Again we gather with our ken,
For it's almost the New Year! 

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Jim Katic