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Safety Lessons
JJ Tiger

Issue 12 (November 2008)

Some drivers' rear-view mirrors are invisible

Oct 19 2006

The absolute worst drivers are those people who follow you onto the freeway and then immediately pull into the left lane, as though they are going to pass you while you are still accelerating onto the right lane.

In my case, they followed the big truck which might

...her hand was still holding the cell phone.

be doing 40 mph as the right lane becomes available to traffic on the on-ramp.
... what about that other 18 wheeler who has pulled into the left lane, making room for the big truck to pull onto the freeway. That passing truck is doing the posted speed limit. The driver of the pop-out car is doing the same speed as the truck on the on-ramp.

The inevitable has happened twice, and will probably happen again.

I have seen a passing SUV go into the ditch rather than rear-end the sedan who popped out from behind me and into the left lane.

Another sedan was not so lucky when it got rear ended by a very large truck in the passing lane, and the sedan bounced off of the truck's bumper, and slid into the center divider grass median.

Did I stop? Nope. I kept on going my way. I got out of their way. That might seem "cold" of me. What was I supposed to do?

Those drivers who pop out are too busy fixating on the vehicle in front that they forget to look out to see what is coming along side of themselves.

It was on the news just the other day. Similar accident. The driver of the pop-out car suffered a severed arm, her hand was still holding the cell phone.

... maybe I should write for a Safety Department.

JJ Tiger, our relentless writer who sends us interesting stories about life on the road, says, "I had thought that I would like to see the country in an RV when I retired. But after I retired, I thought that I should be paid to see the country. Solution: Drive a big truck as a Company Driver. Owner Operator is too much bookkeeping."

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