The Ecphorizer

Editorial Issue #37
John Cumming

Issue #37 (September 1984)

And the editor next month will be: Dick Amyx, in San Jose, Ca. This is my thirteenth issue, a good place to stop. My plan is to retire to the ranks of assistants and serve as a sort of midpeninsula gofer. Now I can find the time to review dictionaries again.

Dick edited the San Francisco Regional Mensa (SFRM) INTELLIGENCER for two years plus a month back in the mid 70's. When he retired from that job I took over from him and did the INTELLIGENCER for a few months longer still. Since leaving the SFRM newsletter staff Dick has spent much of his time working as Publications Officer on the American Mensa Committee. With this change in THE ECPHORIZER editorship, Dick returns to basic, homespun editing again. How will Dick take the transition from life in the Mensa fast lane to simple, domestic editorial chores? How will his memories of the bright lights and big city excitement affect his return to small time local editorial action? Stay tuned and find out.

Incidentally, as long as we're reminiscing about past editors of the INTELLIGENCER I held the post after Dick. Though I felt compelled to beat out Dick's record 25 months, I finally burned out after nearly three years, and I handed the reins of the INTELLIGENCER editorship over to our current Business Manager, Tod Wicks. Again, there was this compelling need to stay with the job longer than the last editor, and Tod lasted until an April Fool issue finally did him in, yet he still lasted longer than I did.

Not only that, the current editor of the INTELLIGENCER, Jo Ann Malina, is leaving the ranks of assistants this month. She's got enough to do as it is.

Our new poet this month is Dwight E. Humphries. When he is not soaring on poetical inspirations, he skydives. An ex-paratrooper and past editor of the Georgia State University Review, Dwight's principal occupation is journalist.

Those of you who are turning cyanotic waiting with bated breath for the second installment of Paul Healy's review of Worldview '84 will just have to topple over and conk out. The next chapter won't be out in time for this issue. Instead, Paul brings you a little enlightenment about Caryatids (no, they aren't little bugs that chirp and hop about, nor are they eaten by orrerys either). 

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