The Ecphorizer

Two Great Moments in Mensa
Myra Johnson

Issue 09 (April 2007)

Oh, just humor me!

When Mensan Martha Steffen edited the Intelligencer, she had space for the column Deep Thought.  One of the questions was, “What does 'a rolling stone gathers no moss mean?'”  John Hermann’s instant response was “What does a rock and roll band need a semiconductor for?”  

Sue Ann (Gilmore) and Morgan Buchanan were shopping in a city in Germany.  Both window shopping, they were a half block apart when two German men came up to Sue Ann and propositioned her in German.  She screamed, “Morgan, Morgan!”  Since that means morning in German, the two men thought she was talking about when she would be available.  

George Towner had an annual pool party and wine tasting.  Tod Wicks jumped into the pool and George came over and told him that he was going to put a chemical in the pool that would turn bright red if anyone urinated in it.  Tod’s response?  “Too Late!”

How do you entertain 500 Mensans standing in line for lunch at Asilomar?  Simply lay down bubble wrap and watch the dance!  

I’ll take romance…

Christmas Eve

I lived in a big house in Hayward for eight years and had a Christmas Eve dinner each year.  I roasted two turkeys, made dressing, potatoes and gravy.  The rest was potlucked and there was always too much to eat.  The number of attendees varied from year to year but kept growing.  

The largest group was 72!! hungry people.  It was extremely cold outside and the house was completely filled with people in every chair, every inch of carpet and some folks were valiantly holding up the walls while eating.  We had just finished serving everyone when the power went out!

I rushed around and found candles, stirred up the fire in the fireplace and we kept eating.  We sang some carols and I felt as if we were caught up in a magic spell created by all the things combined.  As people reluctantly left, the house came back to its normal hohum atmosphere.

Several days later, I received a card from a woman who thanked me for the dinner and said, “It was so romantic.” 

A former officer and long-time and tireless volunteer for SFRM, Myra Johnson rediscovered The Ecphorizer and has submitted a number of short-shorts about her observations of life in San Francisco Mensa, which we are only too happy to publish!

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