The Ecphorizer

From Mother Goose to Ma Bell and Back
Dave Kirby

Issue #23 (July 1983)

(All the following people's names are in the San Francisco phone book)

Auld Moder Hubbard Wentura Kobart
Tu Geter Poore Dogga Bohn.
    Butt Wenschek Ott Dare,
    Zee Copperud Wass Behr,
Anzo Dee Poor Doggett Nunn.

Thayer Wasson Old Wu Manu Lifton Ah Shoo;
Jihaad Soh Minney Children Shih Dieden Noh Watt Tu Dew.
Schick Avraam Sohm Brott Wittow Tanny Bredt;
Then Wipf Themoleas Aune Lee Annen Putnam Tsu Betz. 

Dave Kirby, Assistant Local Secretary of SF Mensa is also in charge of the program at this year's Asilomar Regional Gathering.  In his spare time he runs a Dungeon.

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