The Ecphorizer

Jewish Son's Spirit
Dale Adams

Issue #22 (June 1983)

I am descartes thinks i am
Does no demon deceive any man
Is life real or only a sham
Is anyone out there but me or you
And if not you what can i do
But despair here lonely my whole life through

Is there reason for your life or mine
If not mine then wholly in thine
Wholly other for whom my heart pines
What other absolute is there in life
No reward for stress or this strife
Nothing left past Occam's sharp knife

Remember now what you always knew
Sketch out in sand what is two plus two
Call for the fire with the chosen few
Return through death to life regain
Flee from sorrow escape from pain
Find the beyond utterly new plane

What is the answer  

Dale Adams, a Mensan from central California, writes poetry as a break from his weightier philosophical and religious researches.

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