The Ecphorizer

Frederick A. Raborg, Jr.

Issue #22 (June 1983)

words sweep across the page in
lines &
some fall off &
footnotes dull the thud
some meditate on hyphens
like holistic intuitions
some fit white space into ideas
as if the point ought to be montage
some challenge margins
like a fracture in the text
some pile like blocks
to notate sources
some give likeable performance
& some give dialogue to fools
some determine couth & culture
some most rhyme & some defy
some most only stupefy
some disguise a metaphor
& some form a simile
occasionally there's one becomes the new
some give reference to sexes
horizontal lines &

Professional writer Frederick A. Raborg, Jr. has had about 500 poems publsihed, as well as a basket of fiction.

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