The Ecphorizer


Issue 08 (October 2006)

Hi, Tod:
How wonderful to get the email from PK about the Ecphorizer.  I was thinking just the other day about the EG in Jackson where a mystery was played out starring John Cumming as the body.  I think Gareth Penn solved it.
The '80s were a wonderful time in my life and the local Mensa group was such a big part of it.  I retired to Shelter Cove, about 60 miles south of Eureka out on the coast.  I've had several articles published in SFRM and the local newsletter from Santa Rosa.  I actually sold a travel article on Antarctica to the Santa Cruz Valley Post.  While that's hardly enough to make me think I'm hot stuff, I can write a decent travel article.
I'm looking forward to reading the old issues.  Who could forget JoAnn Malina's Bring Back the Menstrual Hut or Gareth Penn's articles on snake bites and building a dome house.
Please add my edress to your list.
Myra Johnson
via email

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