The Ecphorizer

Phyllis Bourne

Issue #20 (April 1983)

From the very first time that a human foot left its print on this good old Earth, humans have managed to create imaginary beings that represent what they couldn't understand. People from every age, culture and race have had someone to make them feel less alone in the frightening and hostile environment in which they had to survive. One of the most intriguing characters born from the dawn of human imagination is The Wizard: El Mago.

The wizard has been described as being wise beyond our comprehension, powerful over and above our capabilities, and benevolent despite our selfish nature. The wizard appears in legends and fairy tales, in stories and myths, and, using a thousand different names, has found his way to nearly every culture and epoch. He has always been one of the most mysterious creatures humanity has managed to associate with without really existing.

As a symbol that helps us understand behavior, he represents the bright, positive side of our inner minds. The magos of our fantasy world assist our daydreams - symbolically. Knowing that the wizard is inside ourselves helps us to accept that most of the good or bad that happens to us is our own doing. 

In the spare time left from her duties as Program Officer of SF Mensa, Phyllis Bourne gives smashing parties.

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