The Ecphorizer

Philip Hughes

Issue #20 (April 1983)

Provision 4, Subsection C

Legislation or regulations may be required regarding rights to ownership of the wind.
- on the feasibility of wind machines, from the task force report of the National Science Foundation, for the Federal Energy Administration

Deceptive calm at FEA
Where task forces fight despair.
Federally funded scientists
A new proposal now prepare.

Political barometrics weigh:
Which resource-use will least distress,
Mother Nature's crowd appease,
Sierra freaks finesse.

Wind machines! Refreshing thought!
Thank god for balmy scholars!
Displace those fiscal doldrums
With gales of watts and dollars.

Quashed by government lawyers:
"No firm or person, we declare,
Can scheme to reap the wind
As proprietor of air." 

New Englander Philip Hughes has a string of previous publications, including pieces in New Renaissance and Scholia Satirica.

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