The Ecphorizer

Justice in the Modern Christian State
Bill Rowan

Issue #17 (January 1983)

Try to be a man now, son
You know its your last chance
And just try not to think about
The way you're goin' to dance

You never should have killed her, son
We knew she was a flirt
It's what you get for having lust
To touch that kind of dirt

So just try not to think about
The springing of the trap
And how your body'll float for a bit
And how your neck will snap

We can't just take your freedom, son
A silly little slap
But we do wish your parents had
Been freer with the strap

It didn't need to be this way
If you had just been taught
To walk the straight and narrow line
Now see what you have bought

It's not your fault that you were weak
And born with the criminal trait
Or that you didn't grow up in
A modern Christian state

So let's all hope it's clean and quick
As you drop toward your goal
We'll all stand around and lower you down
And talk about your soul  

He lives and poetizes in Berkeley, CA.  He is a mathematician with an interest in artificial intelligence.

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