The Ecphorizer

Fancy Mancies

Issue #02 (October 1981)

When you are puzzled and uncertain about the future, we recommend the following sure-fire methods of prediction:

Alextoromancy: Divination by observing the direction in which a rooster runs when let loose in a circle.

Belomancy: Foretelling the future by noting the flight patterns of randomly shot arrows, and their positions when they land.

Cereosccpy: Interpreting the patterns made when wax is placed in boiling water.

Cledonism: Extracting omens from the first words one hears upon awakening in the morning.

Kieidiscopy: Divination by interpreting the motions of a key swinging on a string.

Metoposcopy: Fortune telling based on the positions, sizes and shapes of moles and other blemishes upon one's body.

Scapulomancy: Reading the cracks and fissures in a roasted shoulder bone, usually of a sheep. 

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