The Ecphorizer

More Musings by the Ecphoric Philosopher
Tom Horti

Issue #15 (November 1982)

Have you ever wondered what kind of apple (e.g. Rome, Golden Delicious, Pippin) grew in the Garden of Eden?

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you did mix apples with oranges?

Have you ever wondered what kind of business Oral Roberts would have gotten into if his folks hadn't named him Oral?

How come it's "always darkest before the dawn"? Suppose the moon comes up late?

How come Puget Sound and Long Island Sound are called "sound"? As far as I can tell, there's nothing sound about them.

How come they never dig sewer trenches until one week after the road is resurfaced?

How come you go to the bathroom to sit on a Church seat and go to church to sit in a pew?  

Ecphoric philosopher Tom Horti has sent us a "doggerl epic," which will appear in these pages soon.

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