The Ecphorizer

The X-for-Izer Al-for-Bet
Claire Taylor

Issue #12 (August 1982)

[line width="20%"]
A for 'orses
B for mutton
C for yourself
D for rential
E for Peron
F for vessance
G for take
H befor beauty
I for get
J for oranges
K for sauce
L for leather
M for Sema
N for mous
O for the rainbow
P for relief
Q for tickets
R for disiac
S for anto
T for two
U for mism
V for la difference
W for two rams
X for izer
Y for mistress
Z for breezesĀ 

If the bit by Claire Taylor in this issue sounds strange at first, try reading out loud with a strong British accent.

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