The Ecphorizer


Issue #10 (June 1982)

Dear Editor,

I found the mnemonic list of English monarchs that Richard Holmes wanted (THE ECPHORIZER, January, 1982). It's in Another Almanac Words at Play by Willard B. Espy.

Willie, Willie, Harry, Stee,
Harry, Dick, John, Harry Three,
One, Two, Three Neds, Richard Two,
Harry Four, Five, Six. Then who?
Edward Four, Five, Dick the Bad,
Harrys twain and Ned the Lad,
Mary, Bessie, James the Vain,
Charlie, Charlie, James again,
William and Mary, Anna Gloria,
Four Georges, William and Victoria.
Edward the Seventh next, and then
George the Fifth in 1910.
Edward the Eighth soon abdicated,
And so a George was reinstated.

(Espy adds:)
Then Bessie Two was coronated.

Will White
Concord, CA

Dear Editor,

In issue #7 (THE ECPHORIZER, March, 1982) a letter was signed by Joyce Hurwitz, who notes that she is the local SEXYG coordinator; the SEXYG is the Mensa Special Interest Group for exploring the in's and out's of sex. The last issue (THE ECPHORIZER, May, 1982) contained a letter from a Dave Rolfe, who inquired, "If Joyce is the local SEXYG coordinator, who is the express coordinator?" I would presume that the express SEXYG coordinator wants to remain anonymous. Who would want to meet "Mr. Quickie!"?

Andy Fish 

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