The Ecphorizer

Business Manager's Notes
Tod Wicks

Issue #10 (June 1982)

, please send us word of your new address as soon as you know it. We want you to keep your ECPHORIZERs coming with no interruptions, and we need your help. THE ECPHORIZER is labeled and bundled for mailing on the last weekend of each month. If I have your address change by the 25th of the month, your label will be changed for the next delivery. The process is simplicity itself: Peel your old label from your last ECPHORIZER and tape it to a piece of paper or postcard, along with your new address, and mail to THE ECPHORIZER, [address redacted as no longer current] (address changes and subscriptions only!)

RENEWAL TIME is rapidly approaching for many of you. Renewals will be accepted at any time and will extend your present subscription if received early. We will give you plenty of notice on the mailing labels. Two issues before your subscription expires, the following will be printed on the top of your label "SUB EXPIRES NEXT ISSUE." The following month will see, "SUB EXPIRES THIS ISSUE" on the label, if you haven't renewed. Of course, if you have, the expiration date will be changed. By the by, thecryptic numbers across the top of your label are your subscriber number (e.g. 0137) and the year and month your subscription expires (8208 = 1982 August - your last issue). Our program is smart enough to recognize expired dates and won't print your label until you resubscribe. Those who renew late will lose their low subscriber number! These desirable status symbols will then be auctioned off to other subscribers! Send your renewals, along with $5.00, to the above address.

EQUIPMENT UPDATE: Beginning with last issue, we have been using a new word processing program for typing articles for THE ECPHORIZER called WordStar. It is working on Tod's Apple II and has a number of advanced editing and formatting capabilities. We are also using a new output printer: an NEC Spinwriter 3510. The marriage of these two to the Apple provides for easier input and editor controlled output, and the addition of alternate character sets (e.g. 1, ¶, ¾, ©). We also have the ability to edit one article while another is being run off by the printer. 

Our Business Manager and all around good guy, he has been happily keying subscription renewals into his Apple II computer.  You can send in your money, or you can break his heart.

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