The Ecphorizer

Warren Fogard

Issue #10 (June 1982)

Modern Millie, rejecting sorority
Gave her heart and her head to the Moral Majority.
Full of verve, full of lunch, full of esprit de corps
Giving heart to that bunch wasn't much of a chore,
But giving them head is a little more onerous,
As it cannot, for instance, be done on the phonerous
Nor at any great physical distance at all.
So with nose to the grindstone and back to the wall
Millie struggles and labors and works night and day
To keep supply up to demand as they say.
But her efforts prove futile; these moralist men
Have to take their own problems in hand once again.  

He made one of his rare public appearances at the Napa Valley Regional Gathering in April; traditionally, he emerges from the wilds of Lake County only when the full moon falls on St. Swithin's Day.

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