The Ecphorizer

Updated Proverbs
Audrey Austin

Issue #10 (June 1982)

You are as old as you look.

Take care of the pennies - the banks love them.

A little knowledge is usually to be found in at least one school textbook.

A rolling stone needs a haircut.

People in glass houses show exhibitionistic tendencies.

When in Rome, stay there.

Love is evol spelled backwards.

Lips that touch wine tend to be wet most of the time.

Too many cooks make a smörgåsbord.

If in doubt, don't.

Two heads are schizophrenic.

Never eat an oyster that has been bitten by a shark.

A cobbler mends his own shoes, but does a dentist drill his own teeth?

Behind every cloud there is another.

He who hesitates gets the last cake.

Confucius say he who stand in rose bush is masochist.

It is always dark before you take off your sunglasses.

You can't have your cake because you haven't any money.

If at first you don't succeed, it's too bad.

Every dog has its share of fleas.

A penny earned will make a long shift.

Don't count your chickens' legs and then divide by two unless you have a calculator.

Don't put all your eggs in one omelette. 

Audrey Austin's Proverbs appeared in Australia Mensa's Tableaus.

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