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Andreas Fish

Issue 04 (January 2005)

reports on the latest gadget from Ecphorizer Labs



from EcphorizerLabs

EcphorizerLabs (a division of Towner Systems) is pleased to announce imminent release of its iDrop accessory kit for Apple's new iChat A/V and iSight applications as well as for WebCams of all makes on other computing platforms.

The product is still currently in development but will be available soon. Please check back from time to time to see what we're up to. Pictures will be posted soon.

What is iDrop?

It's a device that you hang behind you and it has a series of pull-down window-shade-like murals. The standard device comes with three pull-down screens that the buyer can choose from among the standard stock. These come with hanging materials to temporarily hang them from walls or the ceiling at your location. An optional tripod hanger for emergency situations is going to be available.

At present, the standard stock murals are

  • Bookcase
  • Office Desk
  • Kitchen counter
  • Sandy beach
  • Mother-in-law
  • Hospital ward
  • Police station
  • Country road

...with more coming.

They make great backgrounds for using iSight when calling your boss, your significant other, your friends, your relatives.

Future plans include personalizing the murals to your own specifications as well as image-appropriate background sounds. We're even thinking about marketing moving images as well.


...You are calling a client and you don't want them to see your grungy bedroom cum workshop. What do you do? Easy! Pull on a smart-looking yuppie pullover, pull down the "bookcase" mural, and make your call.

...You need a day off to go play golf: Simply get into bed, stick a thermometer in your mouth, pull down the "hospital ward" mural, then call your boss.

...You are out philandering around but you need to check in with your significant other, so simply go somewhere quiet, hang your iDrop, then pull down the "office desk" or the "bookcase" murals, and make your call.

...You want to impress your friends...set up iDrop, pull down the "sandy beach" mural, and give them a call.

...You are caught in the shower and iSight won't turn off: turn the camera to the "mother-in-law" mural and answer the phone.

...You see by Caller ID that the bill collector is after you again, so hang your iDrop and pull down the "police station" mural, and go ahead and answer the call. 

Once assigned a project, he submerges himself for weeks or months on end and usually comes up with winning designs.

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