The Ecphorizer


Issue #70 (September 1987)

Dear Editor:

To those many persons, such as Ollie North, who are so anxious to send military and "full service" aid to the Nicaraguan Contras, do you know what that means?

It means killing women and men and children of all ages, because that is what the Contras do and will continue to do. The Nicaraguans will fight. It also means some US deaths, and it means a Lot of Money.

Such killing is immoral, unethical, and unloving. Truly civilized personswill not so kill. To fight Communism, or at least the undesirable aspects of Communism, there are moral and sounder ways.

These ways are: Set a good example. Support free trade with all countries, including Nicaragua. Support travel between countries, so that mutual understanding can grow. Support freedom of the individual; the suppressive nature of Communism cannot flourish in the presence of freedom. Support the rule of law. Support human rights. These are the ways to a good conscience and a better world.

You may say "Communists don't respond to the human and moral way." Possibly a die-hard totally convinced Communist doesn't respond, but the many moderates in the world who are looking for a better life will respond and will follow the moral way. Encourage our government to take the high road and not the low and killing road.

Charles Walton
Los Gatos, CA

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Dear Editor:

Re "Star Trek IV's World View" by Dale Adams [Aug 87]:

Recently I read a book (J.O.B.: A Comedy of Justice by Robert A. Heinlein) in which the underlying premise is that "God" and "Devil" are brothers. It is their boss, or his boss (ad infinitum) that decided which of the two makes binding decisions about the world and humanity in this millennium. There is some question and discussion about which of the two is now in charge (responsible for war, hunger, etc.) In the next millennium their roles will be reversed. New game. New Bible...

Roy Shaw
Ashland, OR

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Dear Editor:

For my sake, I wish you would go on editing THE ECPHORIZER. A lot of what I write doesn't seem to fit in anywhere. At least I have to keep trying to think of publications to try to place my work in, and when I do try somewhere I don't always succeed.

THE ECPHORIZER always reminds me of one of the reasons I joined Mensa. I read in the promotional brochure that one of the founders said he wanted there to be a group where you could say anything you thought of without fear of being laughed at. As it turned out, most of Mensa is not like that. I think the founder was thinking of creativity, not intelligence. The intelligent don't seem to be able to accommodate creativity any more than average people can.

But THE ECPHORIZER does exemplify the founder's idea. Each issue has great scope and great expanse. Great evident disdain for the fear of failure. Great freedom allowed to let something happen in its own fashion.

I hope, if you turn it over to someone else, THE ECPHORIZER will keep its present spirit.

Joan Tobin
Suffield, CT

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