The Ecphorizer

George Towner

Issue #70 (September 1987)

All good things must come to an end, as the saying goes. So it is with THE ECPHORIZER.

We've had six good years publishing 70 issues. Now we suffer the fate of many volunteer efforts — we've just run out of steam. Your editor, in particular, has been having trouble squeezing the magazine into his family and job responsibilities. So rather than having THE ECPHORIZER limp along as a chore, each issue running later and later, we've decided to give it a dignified windup.

Here's the plan. If you want a refund of your unused subscription money, just send the Editor a SASE and you'll receive back a check. However, if we don't hear from you by March 15 we'll assume that you would rather receive back issues equal to the number of copies you would have received under your subscription. We can tell from your subscriber number which issues you probably haven't seen. So late in March we'll put together a massive mailing of back issues to fulfill everybody's subscription. And that will be that.

This plan will still leave us with a little money in the bank and a few back issues. We want to donate the money to a worthy Mensa cause — if possible, one related to THE ECPHORlZER's original mission. We want to give the back issues to one or more Mensa organizations that can make good use of them — for fundraising, prizes, or
whatever. In both cases, we welcome suggestions. Send your recommendations to the Editor.

We'll miss our correspondence with contributors and readers; we hope we somehow stay in touch. 

You can read about George's latest book here!

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