The Ecphorizer

Even When You Arrived
B. Z. Niditch

Issue #69 (August 1987)

Even when you arrived
weaned from wind
on faded maps
in an open boat
with a platform of fruit
by your seven cousins
the rivers dream
of a day such as this
in your large straw hat
hair of black spells
and tassels of oranges
of a great sorrow.

The waves foam
like prayer shawls
a coat of wings on a
map-blue shore
you follow the eye of gulls
circling labyrinth oceans
from open galleys
by lost coins, pomegranates, sails
and one lone poet.

Poet B. Z. NIDITCH evokes our blushes by writing that he regards The Ecphorizer as "intelligent and sensitive." B. Z. lives and writes in Milton, MA.

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