The Ecphorizer

The Big Rura Ru
Christian Morgenstern

Issue #59 (October 1986)

[Translated from the original German by Gareth Penn]

Plep repyusvi! Fonononi?
Foyep lemtle == kluslikre;
Gisvi, busvi, yaruroni; Pufti gufti ge.
Rura rura rura rura ru?

Jemt lulala nilenomto
Vufpa vof la la!
Omto komto, roieromto
Propyu kasvi ra!
Rura rura rura rura ru?

Finulul pefnur vikonka
Firvavum paploi [:]
Nulyenul def; pyonka ronka
Fili fali foi () ?
Rura rura rura rura ru?*

* Translator's Note: Careful readers will have noted little resemblance between the above translation and the English language, into which it was supposed to have been translated. For purposes of comparison, the original German text is reproduced below.

[2009 Editor's note:  We are not even going to try to look for typographical errors in this, either the above translation, or the original below.  Careful readers can make of this what they like with no bonus points for accuracy!]

Das grosse Lalula

Kroklokwafzi?    Semememi!
Seiokrontro == prafriplo:
Bifzi, bafzi; hulalemi:
quasti basti bo. . .
Lalu lalu lalu lalu la!

Hontraruru miromente
zasku zes ru ru?
Entepente, leiolente klekwapufzi lu?
Lalu lalu lalu lalu la!

Simarar kos malzipempu
silzuzankunkrei (;)
Marjomar dos: Quempu Lempu
Siri Suri Sei [] !
Lalu lalu lalu lalu la!

GARETH PENN, a polymathic medievalist, cipherer, detective, and builder of domes, has now turned his hands to translating German poetry, with the results printed in this and the last issue.

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