The Ecphorizer


Issue #53 (January 1986)

Dear Editor:

Thank you for publishing my article, "Unravelling the Inexplicable Statement" in your November 1985 issue. Since I wrote the article in December of '85, this is the first time I have had an article printed on a date prior to the actual writing of it — a fact I find as refreshing as your magazine. Please believe that I am sincerely happy to be allowed within the company of your illustrious contributors. May I gently point out that on page 18 there is a deletion from my text in the sentences that read:

"In the opening part of the statement, the writer himself has divided psycho and bio as two opposing autonomous fields. To state therefore that botany 'packed down' is simply zoology is ludicrous."

This must have been puzzling to any reader of the article and might be fodder to any future writer on "inexplicable statements." The original statement was:

"In the opening part of the statement the writer himself has divided psycho and bio as two opposing autonomous sciences in much the same way that zoology and botany are two autonomous fields.", etc.

Liana Allinikov
Yellow Springs, OH

At last, an advantage to running three months behind! Yes, Liana, we goofed. In line with modern practice, we are blaming it on our computer. We slapped its keyboard and sent it to bed without data. —Editor  

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