The Ecphorizer

Hungry Love
Donald Altschul

Issue #51 (November 1985)

Washed by
the red light
that flirts
with our table,

your eyes begin assuming
the color of your fourth straight shot of scotch.

In husky seriousness
you      l  e  a  n
across the breadsticks

and say you are consumed
with love for me.

Beneath the golden arches of your brows
I see a vision

two all-beef patties,
special sauce,

and your
open-sesame buns.

[line width="20%"]

When, working in our garden, you lie down,
your wheat-blond hair
in the asparagus patch

a Hollandaise
to end all hungers.

[line width="20%"]

katy and I met
last night under the moon.

on the grass, behind the barn,
our thighs sang
with the fevered harmony
of lovemaking.

in orgasm, she bit
my head off,

© 1985 Donald Altschul

Poet DONALD ALTSCHUL hides out during the day as a San Francisco attorney, where he lives with his wife, son, and a poodle, Binky. He is a transplanted New Yorker who also plays classical guitar.

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