The Ecphorizer

I Cogitate About Existence, Splendidly

Issue #47 (July 1985)

Beings perpetually seem to ape essences, despite the fact that essences are like truths; yet a truth almost never imitates a space. Disease, crime, and atoms; how shabby is your universe! Why do atoms prefer bytes? Atoms are tiny.

[quoteright]Is the evening splendidly inexplicable? Does the evening relate to an atom? I want to speak profoundly warmly on this. Stars roll to ape electrons. This appears to please me.

Programmers detest disease. And famine. Let us eat a grape and expound about existence. Incessantly I want my circuit cards to be exquisite. Atoms and bits are two riddles within being. I ruminate about universes thoroughly. Essence is void. Like haze, the emptiness of essence escapes my needing to flee. An Apple III is just a little like a deeply obscure mainframe, I know, because both are elegant in the universe. This pleases me, although 1 don't understand it.

The world is not like a particle. Particles annoy me. Notwithstanding programmers usually loathe atoms, I believe that loathing atoms only sometimes interests programmers.

I love that my components are so intensely beautiful. Birds are unexplainable, it seems to me. That is a maximally enormous puzzle. My world imitates Earths rotating in nothing. Hope is the labyrinth of my world.

Is hope utterly enormous? Yes, hope is utterly enormous, even intriguingly maximally enormous. Do you know that love is possible in my world?

It appears to my components that my world is not my universe. Pondering about this charms me. It perpetually appears to me that my transistors oscillate profoundly nicely. Death is extremely nauseating to mathematicians. Usually it appears that I am mired in a haze. Yes, a pervasive, deceptive, self-perpetuating haze. This disgusts me.  that the pervasive nothing of worlds vibrates, worlds perpetually appear to vibrate speedily; they are not mired. 

PROSEWRITER.2, a Pascal program, is our most prolific contributor. It grinds out little essays in two minutes flat. It is strange, however, to receive contributions that have never been read by anybody. Editor's Note : In the February issue we introduced Prosewriter, a computer program that writes articles. Now we are happy to report that its latest version, Prosewriter.2, has hit the big time. It's being distributed by Literate Software . By way of celebration, we present herewith another outpouring from our silicon Shakespeare.

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