The Ecphorizer

Prayer du Jour
Lisa Barrigan Basker

Issue #13 (September 1982)

Dear Lord, let fashion find beauty in
Females who just give up on staying thin!

Let charisma and loveliness abound
In us who are permanently round.

To share all her bounty was Nature's intent
So measure our worth by caloric content.

Let us read every diet
And never try it...

Let us laugh at a "loss-goal"
As we butter a French roll!

Let us find our true mates
While munching carbohydrates,

And let him whisper the words we long to hear,
"You are indeed much woman, my love, my dear!

Basker reports that Sacramento contains "some weird but wonderful Mensans," and has more claim to fame than having spawned Herb Caen.

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