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The Ecphorizer
Issue 11
October 2007

Table Of Contents
The Void Michael Forbush Filling a void just might be pretty darned easy
The "Whither Computers" Game George Towner

On the early days of "interactive" entertainment:  Beyond Pong.

Traveling to Israel - Part II Cris Wendt
Numbers Games Tod Wicks three, six, nine; the goose drank wine...
Linda's Parisian Burgers Tod Wicks

Tripping down memory lane again

Morning in Jerusalem Barry Leff Living and learning before morning coffee
Loose Chippings
Weasel Award of the Day JJ Tiger Dispatchers can be weasels no matter the industry
History as Just Another Bad Dream Albert Russo

This Issue:
An interesting aspect of the Internet is the amount of fascinating and thought-provoking essays waiting to be read.  I try to find such pieces and when I do, I make arrangements with the author to reprint in The Ecphorizer.  We lead off this issue with one such piece called "The Void" by Michael Forbush.

Paired with Cris Wendt's conclusion to his Israel trip report is Barry Leff's article on waking up one morning in Jerusalem. George Towner checks in with a story about a computer game and JJ Tiger, our King of the Road, provides a humorous piece about his dealing with dispatchers.  Al Russo, a frequent contributor to the print version of The Ecphorizer came out of the cold with a chilling account of current events.

Editor Tod Wicks rounds out this issue with a story about a recipe for a famous Parisian Burger sauce, as well as some odd bits about numbers and general nonsense about "loose chippings."

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